Well, here we are…

  • 31 years in business
  • Over $2,000,000,000 in computer hardware sold
  • Over 3,500 people employed
  • Over $150,000,000 in payroll
  • Millions of air miles traveled
  • Hundreds of trade shows exhibited or attended
  • Moved warehouse & offices six times
  • Co-workers have turned into friends and family
  • We are all so much older, and we hope, much wiser


“It has been an honor and a privilege to have served our base of suppliers and customers for these last 31 years. A very special thanks to our valued employees who have put so much effort into ensuring our ongoing success.

Thank you!”

The People




July 2020

The Places

Zevo Drive

Zevo Drive – Temecula

Business Park Drive – Temecula

Ord Way – Oceanside

Oak Ridge Way – Vista

Temple Heights Drive – Oceanside

Sea Lion Place – Carlsbad

Loker Ave – Carlsbad

Our 30 Year Journey


Gross Sales: Est $750,000

Evertek was started by Frank Segler and Henry Limoge on 7-11-1990 as a distributor of Speedlink brand 2400 baud modems and reseller of various computer peripherals.

All four original employees are former Kaypro staffers who worked at a parts trading division called KMG.

Our first warehouse was just 1,450 square feet
with offices for 4 people


Gross Sales: Est $1,800,000

Evertek wins contract to remove, refurbish and resell 5000 units of Leading Edge branded XT Computers from US Navy installations nationwide, including Hawaii.

We set up Last Stop Computer Shop to sell at computer swap meets across the So Cal area. Nearly every single Sunday for years to come would see us at one of the local computer swaps selling off all of our odds and ends.

Price list for Last Stop Computer swap meet operation


Gross Sales: Est $2,500,000

Evertek wins the McGraw Hill NRI contract to build 36,000 computers.
(1000 computers a month for 3 years.)

The Executive Team Members

Executive Team Members


Gross Sales: $4,666,183

Hank Limoge and Frank Segler buy shares in MarkShine, a bankrupt cable factory in Pampanga, Philippines. We restart it, scale it up to hundreds of employees, sell off the inventory. And two years later sold the stock to other investors.

Evertek moves to Sea Lion Place in Carlsbad, CA

We launch Data>Trans, a product similar to Laplink, with Lee Bowman.

Evertek moves to Sea Lion Place in Carlsbad, CA.

Doug Allen creates his famous Evertek Hot Sheet. A weekly and then daily FAX sent to thousands of customers worldwide. We had multiple high volume FAX cards running non stop to deliver these FAXes pre-internet.

Evertek moves to Sea Lion Place in Carlsbad CA

Evertek’s second offiice in Carlsbad CA


Gross Sales: $3,460,371

Evertek spins off and sells division that built computers as Vision Computers. They move to Iron Ridge, Wisconsin for tax breaks and are eventually sold to a large catalog mail order company.

 Vision Computers Flyer

Evertek FAX advertising


Gross Sales: $7,337,890

Evertek buys 25,000 square foot building on Temple Heights Drive in Oceanside, CA.

We expand refurbishing operations.

Evertek starts attending international tradeshows with ComExpo Mexico City. We continue this tradition with trade show exhibitions worldwide for the next 25 years. Dubai, Taipei, Dubai (UAE), Taipei (Taiwan), Hanover (Germany), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Athens (Greece), Barcelona (Spain), Warsaw (Poland), Amsterdam, (Netherlands) and of course, the innumerable Las Vegas trade shows.

Evertek buys building in Oceanside CA

Evertek buys building in Oceanside CA


Gross Sales: $17,212,302

Scott Kusel and Frank Segler start Computer Geeks, a sister company to Evertek. We are so early to the internet we had to have our own shopping cart software written. Nothing was ‘off the shelf’ in this era.

Scott Kusel takes Geeks.com from a 1 man operation shipping dozens of boxes daily, to hundreds, and then over several years to many thousands of orders every single day. Geeks.com was one of the leading e-commerce companies of this era.

We purchase the Chicony motherboard factory (in Taiwan) and the Chicony keyboard factory (in Thailand) wall to wall, requiring our exhausted buyer to travel through 5 countries in 1 day.

Evertek purchased 40,000 major brand equalizer units which were incompatible with current interfaces. We were able to design a modification, put it into quick production, repackage the units with the modification and successfully sold off the entire lot over the year.

Evertek sends postcards

Evertek sends postcards as advertising
to computer dealers nationwide


Gross Sales: $31,431,701

Geeks.com moves from a small suite on Sea Lion Place to a large warehouse in Vista, CA.

Geeks starts selling on OnSale (Later bought by Egghead.com) and order volume skyrockets. We were the back end supplier for over 10% of the sales of OnSale.

Evertek launches Electronic Self Serve, a revolutionary online ordering system, real time inventory and returns management. Customers could fully interact entirely online. For the era it was unique and one of a kind. All developed in house.

Geeks Expands Rapidly to 45,000 sq ft Warehouse

Geeks expands rapidly to 45,000 sq ft warehouse


Gross Sales: $57,158,950

We launch Wholesaleauction.com to sell odds and ends to our dealer base.

A major modem manufacturer, seeking to dramatically increase unit sales and obtain the most significant cost discount from the chipset manufacturer, approached us and in exchange for very high monthly commitments, gave us a cost pass-through. The result was that we moved nearly 500,000 56K modems at a cost far below the market price.

Photo from a holiday party

Photo from a holiday party


Gross Sales: $78,615,000

We file for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) as CompGeeks, Inc (later renamed to Genica Corporation), and merged Geeks.com & Evertek.com into a single entity.

Evertek purchases bulk assets of Aurora Electronics (formerly Micro-C) for IC and circuit board recycling.

Evertek buys out all inventory of Storm Technology, a large scanner maker. This was a deal for 42 truckloads of scanners of various makes and models.

Evertek and Geeks move to 90,000 square foot facility at Ord Way in Oceanside, CA to consolidate operations.

Move to Ord Way in Oceanside


Gross Sales: $105,873,000

We are listed as the 23rd largest Area Private Companies for San Diego County in the San Diego Business Journal’s Starcom 2000.

Geeks has epic parking lot sales open to the public. They become a local institution for well over the next decade.

Evertek launches the Genica Tavarua MP3-CD Player. We import tens of thousands of units worth millions of dollars. We are the first company to brand & resell MP3 CD Players in the United States. Significant press followed for our Genica line of consumer electronics.

Geeks warehouse sales are a hit locally

Geeks warehouse sales are a hit locally


Gross Sales: $124,506,000

We scale up operations dramatically as Geeks.com daily order count skyrockets to thousands per day. We expand by leasing 1875 Ord Way in addition to 1890 Ord Way.

Refurbishing expands, production expands. Employment balloons into the hundreds.

An efficient distribution facility

An efficient distribution facility


Gross Sales: $118,065,000

From the San Diego Business Journal, for San Diego County, we are ranked as:  

  • #2 Largest Computer Reseller
  • #3 e-Commerce Company
  • #16 Largest Area Private Company
  • #25 Fastest Growing Private Company

We continue to expand refurbishing

We continue to expand refurbishing


Gross Sales: $102,447,000

Evertek purchases bulk assets of Cendyne along with brand name. We sell off the Cendyne inventory and then re-purpose the brand name for a line of computer peripherals. We continue to sell Cendyne products to this day.

We purchase Cendyne assets and brand name

We purchase Cendyne assets and brand name


Gross Sales: $112,908,000

Evertek purchases bulk assets of Krista Micro, along with brand name.

Computer Geeks expands walk in showroom

Computer Geeks expands walk in showroom


Gross Sales: $143,054,000

Strong sales of Evertek’s “Genica” branded cases, keyboards and mice help to round out Evertek’s balance of distribution and closeout product.

Who says Geeks don't have a sense of humor.

Who says Geeks don’t have a sense of humor.


Gross Sales: $140,931,000

Evertek continues to expand internationally and exhibits at CeBit in Hanover, Germany

Cebit Evertek booth

Cebit Evertek booth


Gross Sales: $163,990,000

Computer Geeks is named a Top 50 Web Retailer in Internet Retailer Magazine.

Computer Geeks Top 500 Web Retailers for 2007

Computer Geeks Top 500 Web Retailers for 2007


Gross Sales: $164,721,000

Evertek continues to grow fueled by increasing International sales of notebooks and hard drives and wireless routers

We have been a regular at CES and COMDEX before that for ages

We have regularly exhibited at CES for many years,
and at COMDEX before that.


Gross Sales: $172,529,313

Evertek is named a VAR 500 “North America’s Largest Solution Providers”

Large scale flooding in Thailand results in a massive worldwide hard drive shortage. Evertek is able to supply large quantities of hard drives as an alternate supplier.

Evertek ranks as a Top 500 VAR by CRN

Evertek ranks as a Top 500 VAR by CRN


Gross Sales: $151,254,695

Genica (Evertek’s parent company) is named an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company
Genica is also ranked among the 13 largest computer resellers by San Diego Business Journal.

Geeks.com and our showroom sales continue to increase.


Gross Sales: $126,254,194

Evertek continues to strive to meet market needs

Genica ranked as one of the Top 13 Computer Resellers


Gross Sales: $70,621,376

Evertek purchases 160,000 square foot distribution facility on Business Park Drive in Temecula, CA.

The Computer Geeks retail store is moved to a local mall to continue serving customers in the Oceanside area. We close that location within a few years due to waning interest.

Genica is named a Top 16 Technology Solutions Provider in the San Diego Business Journal.

Photo of our 160,000 square foot distribution facility in Temecula CA


Gross Sales: $66,311,550

Geeks.com closes after 18 years in business. A difficult time for all of us. Geeks would eventually re-open as a much smaller operation in later years.

Geeks.com closes

Geeks.com closes


Gross Sales: $63,768,444

Android Tablets are hot and Evertek sells tens of thousands worldwide to help resellers take advantage of the trend.

Scott Kusel thanks staff at company holiday party

Scott Kusel thanks staff at company holiday party


Gross Sales: $60,724,845

Evertek celebrates its 25 Birthday with an awesome day bowling.

Evertek starts to distribute an increasing number of Refurbished Apple SKUs focusing on MacBooks, iMacs and iPads

25th birthday party bowling fun


Gross Sales: $67,432,819

With the computer reselling landscape rapidly changing from brick and mortor to Amazon and eBay, Evertek embraces the change and continues to welcome a new stream of online resellers.

Evertek is the wholesaler supplying many marketplace resellers on sites such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Sears and many others.

CES Show Las Vegas


Gross Sales: $58,056,589

Evertek best deal of the year: 8,700 Hitachi He10, 10 Terabyte hard drives. We were able to save our customers over $100 per unit below wholesale market prices at the time.

Company party at the bowling alley

Company party at the bowling alley


Gross Sales: $49,773,661

Evertek’s strength in Apple products continues as we become one of the world’s best wholesale sources of reconditioned MacBooks, iMacs and iPads. A key supplier to Amazon (Renewed) sellers.

Holiday party in the warehouse

Holiday party in the warehouse


Gross Sales: $40,294,061

Renewed emphasis on refurbishing and finding ways to put old computers to better use.

Our refurbishing area


As we start our 30th year, Evertek is a smaller and more streamlined company. We have mirrored the PC industry in its tremendous growth, and eventual slow down. We have adapted with the times to mirror what the market needs.

Evertek today

Evertek today


Moved to our new location on Zevo Drive in Temecula CA.

Evertek today

Evertek today


We cease our operations on December 31st 2021.

It has been an honor and a privilege to have been a part of this industry and this company. We would like to extend our most heartfelt gratitude to our family of vendors and customers, many of whom we have known for decades, and to our employees, without whom, none of this would have been possible.

Evertek today

The End

In the middle of a maelstrom, for 31 years. We have seen the epic rise of computers to become the universal information age appliance. We have experienced torrid growth, barely able to keep up with the organized chaos. We participated in the dot com boom and then bust. We survived innumerable competitors flush with stock market money trying to buy their way into the business. And we have mirrored the the bell shaped curve that has reflected our overall industry. Today we refurbish the computers that suppliers like us sold over many years. Returning to us to find a new purpose.